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The Platform Conference was more than I had expected and I had high expectations going in. I have never been to a conference in which there wasn’t a “dud” speaker…until now.

Here are my notes from the rest of the conference. If you missed part one, you can find it here.

Ken Davis — Connect with Ken

  • Wow has to be new every time. What wowed people yesterday will not wow them tomorrow.
  • If you’re building a platform, become a speaker.
  • If you aim at nothing, you will hit nothing.
  • Pay attention to what your tribe wants more than you worry about your competition.

Michael Hyatt, part two

  • You need friends in your life who won’t let you quit.
  • Start with your comfort zone and use the momentum to push through the hard parts of your project.
  • 3 Strategies Resistance Uses to Defeat You
    • Fear: Fight it with simply starting your project
    • Uncertainty: Fight it with focus
    • Doubt: Fight it by finishing

Jeff Goins — Connect with Jeff

  • Don’t build your platform for you. Build it for your audience.
    • Find your voice.
    • Pursue passion, not results.
    • Connect (with everyone)
  • Offline relationships lead to online engagement
  • Write content you will be proud of if no one ever reads it
  • Ask for permission. Don’t demand attention.
  • 3 types of relationships to pursue
    • Friends – Find them
    • Fans – Serve them
    • Patrons – Earn them
  • The one thing more valuable than money is influence
  • You can outlast those who are lucky and outwork those who are lazy
  • A good platform is about something. That something is not you.
  • Get Jeff’s Slides

Cliff Ravenscraft — Connect with Cliff

  • Just go to Cliff’s website. He’s got more resources and video tutorials than you can imagine.
  • If you are at all interested in podcasting, he is THE guy. Not A guy, THE guy.

Andrew Buckman

10 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Your Website

  1. Not owning your brand – Have your site self-hosted. Don;t rely on using someone else’s platform. Don’t have a gmail, aol, hotmail email domain. Mask it.
  2. Not having an email newsletter – Reinforces the brand, allows for direct contact and replies
  3. Not thinking about conversions – What’s the number one thing you want to accomplish with your site? Always provide next steps for readers.
  4. Forgetting about SEO – Use the Yoast plugin for WordPress
  5. Hard to share your content – use social sharing plugins. Concentrate on the main sites. Make it easy.
  6. No analytics installed – Know who is coming to your site.
  7. Not keeping tabs on your site – Update plugins, use Google Webmaster tools
  8. Setup problems – Make sure you are using customized permalinks
  9. Hoarding plugins – delete inactive plugins
  10. Not mobile friendly – Use responsive designs, make sure buttons are easy to click, DO NOT USE FLASH

Carrie Wilkerson — Connect with Carrie

  • Don’t just be passionate about your content, be passionate about your people
  • Build more followers by:
    • Showing where to go (lead)
    • Show what you know (inform)
    • Show that you care (have compassion)
    • Show that you’re scared at times (be transparent)

John Saddington — Connect with John

The Power of Perspective

  • Your DNA is different than anyone else and you have a unique perspective on everything. Maximize your God-given uniqueness.
  • Connect with others through hobbies, relationships, and fun. Capitalize on your long-term interests.
  • You have unique experiences and backgrounds. Bring value from that to your products and audience.
  • Turn by-products into products themselves. Use your excess stuff and make money off of it.
  • You know how to best solve your problems. Solve yours and find others with that problem and help them solve theirs too.

Stu McLaren — Connect with Stu

I was busy during much of Stu’s presentation. His info is downloadable. I’m sorry, Stu. You were awesome, though.


Pat Flynn — Connect with Pat

  • Check out
  • Advertising – Use ad marketplaces or sell your own. WP125 is a great plugin for this. — LITTLE control
  • Affiliate Marketing – Percent of income generated by others (basically online commission) — SOME control
  • Product creation – Sell what you make — TOTAL control

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