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I’m attending the Platform Conference this week in Nashville. Here are my notes from session one by Michael Hyatt:

– Is your platform borrowed or owned?
– Authors need platform and content to succeed

Platform Benefits

  • Visibility
  • Amplification
  • Connection
  • Options

Five Steps to Building a Personal Platform

  • Start with wow
  • Prepare to launch
  • Build your home base
  • Expand your reach
  • Engage your tribe

– If you don’t give your A-game first, you may never have a chance to use it.
– Don’t set goals inside your comfort zone.
– Write down goals with dates
– Form a pit crew

Social media framework

  • You need to own and control the base. What is your final destination for all your online traffic?
  • Have embassies to send people to your home base
  • Monitor outposts: where people are talking about you without you being present

– Selling today is more about sharing than shouting.
– Generosity is the best marketing strategy there is.
– It’s hard to go wrong when you make decisions based on what your customer wants.
– You don’t engage a tribe through a monologue. You engage them through conversation.

Get the book.

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