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Here’s an excerpt from a video with Michael Hyatt and Andrew Buckman about the three of the top ten mistakes bloggers make. Andrew shared his presentation on this at the Platform Conference I attended back in the spring.

The full list from the conference was:

  1. Not owning your brand – Have your site self-hosted. Don’t rely on using someone else’s platform. Don’t have a gmail, aol, hotmail email domain. Mask it.
  2. Not having an email newsletter – Reinforces the brand, allows for direct contact and replies
  3. Not thinking about conversions – What’s the number one thing you want to accomplish with your site? Always provide next steps for readers.
  4. Forgetting about SEO – Use the Yoast plugin for WordPress
  5. Hard to share your content – use social sharing plugins. Concentrate on the main sites. Make it easy.
  6. No analytics installed – Know who is coming to your site.
  7. Not keeping tabs on your site – Update plugins, use Google Webmaster tools
  8. Setup problems – Make sure you are using customized permalinks
  9. Hoarding plugins – Delete inactive plugins
  10. Not mobile friendly – Use responsive designs, make sure buttons are easy to click, DO NOT USE FLASH

If you’re needing help in any of these areas for your personal blog, email me and I can help.

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