Bienvenue en Louisiane


I’m writing this from my hotel room on the banks of the Mississippi in New Orleans. Though I’m not a New Orleans native, this city sums up my home state more than any other. The sights, the sounds, the smells, and the food here all possess a nostalgic flair for those of us from South […]

The Hunger Games and End Times


For several classes in my MACS program at Criswell College, I have been tasked with reviewing a popular secular movie with themes reflecting those covered in the class. For my eschatology class, The Hunger Games movie was an option.

American Snipper: Making the Grammar Nazis Want to Surrender


Our over-reliance on the little, red squiggly lines below misspelled words has completely ruined our ability to think through proper spelling and word usage. And we wonder why the Scripps Spelling Bee is on TV. Apparently those few dozen kids are the only ones left in the country who can spell basic words like necessary, tomorrow, and committee without spell check.

Seryn – We Will All Be Changed


I take a lot of heat for my (excellent) taste in music. But I think we can all get behind Seryn. I love this song and their debut album. Their new one comes out next month and I’d encourage you to pre-order it. It looks be fantastic.

Reflections on the College Football Playoff


Until 2014, we had no clear cut way to determine a champion in what is arguably the most popular college sport in the country. The BCS got us close but still opened itself up for criticism with the inclusion of only two teams. Now with a four team playoff, we have a much clearer picture of the national championship in college football.

Church Construction at a Two-Decade Low


After a decade above $9 billion in annual value as an industry, church construction has declined over the past decade to a low of #3.7 billion. So what does this mean for churches? I see three initial takeaways: