Californians Eat Cajun Food for the First Time


The one thing I miss the most about Louisiana is the food. Especially crawfish. So it pains me to see the reactions to the bayou bug in this video. Nevertheless, I give these Californians credit for eating something besides fish tacos and quinoa for once.

How to Plan Your Podcast


Once you’ve decided on the format of your show, you then need to plan out the show and start your script work. Every show format has basically the same components, but the arrangement may differ depending on the subject, the audience, or the style of the show.

Wacky Wednesday – February 4, 2015

If it’s wacky, you’ll see it here. Plane Crash Captured on Dashcam – PzFeed Insane dash cam on plane crash from last night. — Jonathan Howe (@Jonathan_Howe) February 4, 2015 The BBC Flew a Drone Over Auschwitz and the Result Is Haunting – Jordan Valinsky Bond Coffee, a Review – Coffee Shoppers I keep […]

Super Bowl XLIX Twitter Recap


I really enjoy Twitter on big event nights. It’s like hanging out with people you don’t know or do know and just enjoying the event with laughter and live commentary. Twitter has made live TV into Mystery Science Theater. And many of us would have it no other way.