The Best Out-Of-Office Response Ever

I sent my esteemed (and single, hint, hint) colleague Lizette Beard an email yesterday. What I got back was quite possibly the best OOO email I've ever seen. Here is the original email. It was later edited — see below. (Out of the office...making snow angels, ice skating, eating a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie dough as fast as I can...) Wait, that's Buddy the Elf's holiday schedule, not mine! But, I am unavailable until after the New Year as I prepare for my January classes and spread Christmas Read more

Are Bowl Games Worth the Sponsorship Cost?

Last week, I reviewed all 384 (it seems) college bowl games and their title sponsors and costs in an attempt to answer the questions "Do bowl sponsorships really work?" This week, we look at a few of the best and worst sponsorship values.  Both of these lists are open to speculation and are just my opinion, so feel free to weigh in below in the comments with your thoughts. Best Value 5. AT&T Cotton Bowl - $3,000,000 The Cotton Bowl gets BCS-type ratings at 20% of the cost. Even with that Read more

Do Bowl Sponsorships Really Work?

As a fan of NASCAR, I'm always quick to defend corporate sponsorships of sporting events and teams. However, those are generally a consistent sponsorship of a lengthy season—at least in NASCAR. So when it comes to sponsoring bowl games—and the three hour television window that comes with it—I wonder if the price tag is really worth it. IEG has a great table of last year's sponsorship costs at their site. In 2012-2013, bowl sponsorships ranged from $350K to $16M. Those numbers have likely Read more

Pastoral Resources

As part of a new initiative at LifeWay, I’m working on a comprehensive list of pastoral resources—commentaries, books, preaching manuals, ministry tips, etc. I’ve got a list already started but thought it would be best to open it up to the Interwebs to get more.

So, in the comments below, share three or four of your most indispensable resources specifically for pastors and pastoral ministry. Thanks.

Podcasts: What I Listen to and When I Listen to It

I've had an on-and-off relationship with podcasts over the years. In the early to mid 2000s, podcasts were the hot new thing, and I found myself consuming them voraciously. But I had a small problem with podcasts in 2003-2006: they weren't portable. I had to be at my desk or on my laptop to listen. MP3 players were rare and the iPod had just come out, but the file sizes of podcasts limited their portability. That changed with a host of Apple products that single-handedly saved podcasting. A Read more

God Is the Goal of Our Quest

God and God alone is the final, ultimate goal of our quest. All that God is for us in Jesus is the Object of our quest for joy. When I speak of fighting for joy, I mean joy in God, not joy without reference to God. When I speak of longing for happiness, I mean happiness in all that God is for us in Jesus, not hap- piness as physical or psychological experience apart from God. Whether we are desiring or delighting, the end of the experience is God.

~ John Piper - When I Don't Desire God (p.31) ~

Perspectives on…

Over the past few years, B&H has published a series of books on the various perspectives of different theological topics. I have hard copies of many of these, but there is a big sale going on with the Kindle versions of these. Each of these is just $2.99 for a limited time through August 20. Perspectives on the Sabbath Perspectives on the Ending of Mark Perspectives on Your Child’s Education Perspectives on Family Ministry Perspectives on the Doctrine of God Perspectives on Read more

The Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make

Here's an excerpt from a video with Michael Hyatt and Andrew Buckman about the three of the top ten mistakes bloggers make. Andrew shared his presentation on this at the Platform Conference I attended back in the spring. The full list from the conference was: Not owning your brand – Have your site self-hosted. Don't rely on using someone else’s platform. Don’t have a gmail, aol, hotmail email domain. Mask it. Not having an email newsletter – Reinforces the brand, allows for direct Read more