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Last week was the first week of my new venture into grad school at Criswell College. While I have already completed one Master’s Degree, it was a completely difference process as I was on campus for the duration. This distance learning thing is a bit different.

cost-of-discipleshipFor example, it took a bit of time to understand how I needed to organize assignments as to not fall behind or completely miss them. I did that with Evernote and feel pretty confident that will not be an issue. When I was on campus at Southern Miss, it was easier because you just had to show up at class, listen to the lecture, participate, and do your work. Fitting the work in around my schedule is completely different. Not difficult, just different.

On the other hand, it’s easier to get ahead. I can look and see what I will have to do the entire semester and can plan accordingly. Next week, I’ll be at the SBC Annual Meeting. Not a lot of time for school next week, so I can work ahead this week. I already know my assignments, too. That’s a nice touch.

Finally, there is some trepidation about turning in that first week’s assignment without really knowing what format it needs to be in. I’m still waiting on some feedback, but feel confident I didn’t goof up too bad. I answered all four questions with complete sentences and supporting details. And they were rudimentary ones at that.

For those wondering, my Spiritual Formations text book is The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. So far, it’s a very good book. Beth has a copy, but I had not read it yet. Of course, her copy is somewhere in storage, but Matt Capps hooked me up. That means I’ve spent nothing on text books to date. That’s always a bonus.

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