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Thanks to the Internet, especially Twitter, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know several pastors from all over the country without meeting with them on a frequent basis. I have “internet pastor friends” that I’ve only met briefly, some I’ve met several times, and some who have become close personal friends without ever meeting face-to-face. One such friend is Tim Brister.

We’ve met once at a conference LifeWay was hosting on my second day of work here. Other than that, it’s been a few text messages, a phone call here or there and a bunch of tweets & emails. But what set it all in motion was when Timmy started the church planting network PLNTD. Now he’s bringing PLNTD to my backyard.

The third and final training event in the 2012 “Cultivating” series for the PLNTD Network is scheduled to take place Nov. 1-3, 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee. Earlier this Spring, PLNTD hosted “Cultivating Gospel Community” in South Florida with Steve Timmis and Tim Chester. Next month, PLNTD will host “Cultivating Gospel Mission” in New England with Caesar Kalinowski and Scotty Smith. And finally, on November 1-3, PLNTD will host “Cultivating Gospel Leadership” here in Nashville with Ed Stetzer and Trevin Wax.

In some circles you can find a lot of the conversation focused on church leadership. In other circles, a lot of the conversation is about gospel centrality. However, rarely do you find those two topics addressed by the same people. In the Nashville training event, PLTND hopes to forward the development of thinking in this regard, namely to have a philosophy of leadership driven by a robust commitment of the gospel and seeing its implications worked out in local church life.

To do this, they have asked Ed Stetzer and Trevin Wax to come and speak on what exactly gospel-driven leadership looks like in the church. Stetzer will tackle the topic largely from a leadership emphasis while Wax will help us think about leadership from a gospel grid, bringing emphasis to how our identity in Christ shapes how we lead others in ministry. In addition to these main session talks, there will also be two panel discussions and two breakout sessions to break down gospel-driven leadership in greater detail, including its practical outworking in various seasons and ministry contexts.

Some of you here know that Timmy has studied and written somewhat extensively about triperspectivalism and church leadership. For the Nashville training event, he will be hosting a pre-conference (limited to 40 people) on the nature, framework, and outworking of triperspectivalism in church life, including cultural engagement, disciple-making, spiritual formation, preaching, prayer, and leadership development. This will take place Thursday night (Nov. 1) and Friday morning (Nov. 2). If you are looking to consider a gospel-centered philosophy of leadership, I encourage you to jump into this pre-conference! It will be practical and interactive, giving you margin to explore how such a paradigm of leadership could work in your church or ministry.

This training event is open to pastors and church planters, to leadership teams and launch teams, to seminary/college students and ministry interns/apprentices. Basically, if you are aspiring to lead in the local church and want to press into a distinctly gospel-driven flavor of leadership, I encourage you to come!

This week only, they have a special registration rate of just $29. At midnight Saturday night, this opening rate registration will end, so don’t delay! You can get all the details about hotels, restaurants, schedule, etc. at the conference website. I hope to see many of you here!

Conference Website || Register!

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