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This year at CrossPoint, Ryan has been preaching through Galatians using Grace as the central theme. Not surprisingly, I’ve been seeing and hearing the word “grace” all over—in books, in other sermons, etc. Being the absolute nerd I am, I’ve been using my drives each weekend to listen to sermon podcasts.

So yesterday, I was catching up on some sermons from Imago Dei Church in Raleigh, NC, where my good friend Tony Merida pastors. They recently finished a series through the book of Exodus, and I was listening to the last sermon in the series. What I heard was quite possibly the best sermon I’ve heard from Tony.

We’ve known each other for about 3 or so years, and I’ve probably heard him preach more than a hundred times, but this sermon was just different. Now, Tony always brings it. I know some pastors who float in and out of the “preaching zone,” but I’ve never heard Tony not be on his “A” game. (He’d probably argue with me on that because he’s a humble guy, but he would be wrong.) This sermon was his “A++” game no matter what he says. 😉

So I went back and found the video from last month and have pasted it below. You can download the podcast audio at the Imago Dei website. The part about grace is about 25 minutes in, but the entire 57 minutes are worth the listen.

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