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Yesterday I shared about the Pete Wilson interview I sat in on this past Tuesday in which he discussed his new book Empty Promises.

Below is a clip from that interview in which Plilip Nation and Pete discuss the empty promises of social media. As someone who literally is on social media all day everyday (because it’s not just PART of my job, it IS my job), this really resonated with me. It’s a struggle I deal with and something that has led to many a conversation with my wife about how much I’m on my phone. The access my iPhone provides to work stuff and play stuff (e.g. NASCAR) has at times been a point of much consternation in my marriage. I’ve gotten to where I can leave my MacBook Pro tucked away on the weekends, but the phone is a different story.

I often find myself trading in the best things (time with my wife and kids) for the good things (reading and tweeting). We likely all do this in some fashion. It might not be social media for you, but it is something. If you think you don’t, just ask your spouse. They’ll be able to tell you. Trust me. It’s an easy trap to fall into, and it takes an acute sense of self awareness and humility to combat on a minute by minute basis.

I highly encourage you to watch the clip and get the book.

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