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The end is near. After this week, there is only one more week of regular season games. Then we hit championship weekend, finals week, and bowl games. On to the recap…

I’m not an FSU fan, but I am a fan of these unis:

So many variations of this…every one of them funny.

Uniforms of the week:

Even LSU switched up its uniform game:

But Notre Dame, what are you thinking?

However, the field in Fenway was neat:

This weekend was a struggle for SEC teams. First Florida:

Then it was South Carolina’s turn…

In the aftermath, the South Carolina interim coach popped off on social media about Clemson coming to town next week. AND GOT OWNED…

This. Not smart.

This either.

Quick check in on my team…sigh…

Game of the weekend was Michigan State-Ohio State

And while he probably shouldn’t say this publicly, I can’t disagree with what he said.

Finally, a quick shout out to my former employer, McNeese State. Love Matt Viator and Lance Guidry. Those guys are the best.

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