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A wild weekend in college football saw one of the most incredible catches in recent memory and quite possibly the most bizarre ending to a football game that didn’t involve the Stanford band—and another 180 yards from Leonard Fournette. On to the recap…

Let’s start with a catch that I still can’t wrap my head around.

This is the best summation I’ve seen of Auburn and Kentucky’s football seasons.

GameDay sign of the week:

Crowd sign of the week:

Interception of the week:

Block of the week:

I would love a setup like this for Saturday mornings and the Premier League then to carry into the afternoon with football. Would be crazy.

Upset of the week:

Hide yo’ kids! Hide yo’ wife! Game of the week

Stiff arm of the week:

Now for the big two games of the week. First, the Fighting Fournettes held off the Gators. Thanks to this:

And then there was the Big House Big Fumbled Punt Snap.

Too early, Dan. You tweeted too early!!!

My Twitter stream went into meltdown mode. Here were my favorites:

And stunned they were…

Can Week 8 deliver even more? We will find out this weekend.

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