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It was a horrific week for the state of Alabama in college football. And with all apologies to my boss (a really big Bama fan), I couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Sorry, Dr. Rainer.

On to the recap…and here is your warning: There will be a lot of Leonard Fournette.

Early in the day, I saved this one thinking I’d be able to mock it later. But I was wrong. It was right.

This is how you gameplan for a big day of football.

This week’s College GameDay sign of the week…ouch

Based on Duke’s performance on Saturday, this was probably the highlight of the day for Aaron Earls.

We had a tie for hit of the week, this week.

By the time the LSU game started Saturday afternoon, I was in a bit of a foul mood because of the Arsenal game that morning. However, my Tigers remedied that. Auburn helped some, though…

Then Leonard Fournette took over.


Even the Spurgeon scholar got into the act…

The Bama fans had fun with this for a few hours.

But then Ole Miss got going, and the odds were ever in their favor…

It was the facial hair, I’m sure.

At the end of the night, it was a sad, sad day in Alabama.

There were a couple other nuggets from Saturday’s games. First in Austin, where they found a QB…

…but unfortunately he doesn’t kick PATs.

Crowd shot of the week comes from Happy Valley

And finally, the not-so-lucky Irish…

Header image via The Advocate

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