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How Pastors Can Prepare for Uncertain Financial Times — Art Rainer

Personal finances are important for pastors to manage well because a pastor distracted by money is a pastor who is not totally focused on leading God’s people. Art shares six steps to consider.


You’re not a Leader if You Never Say You’re Sorry — Eric Geiger

True leaders are honest. And when they make a mistake, they admit it, apologize, and move forward.


5 Ways Your Church Can Adapt to “Digital Natives” — Chris Martin

Millennials know nothing other than life with technology. So when churches or any other group fails to embrace technology, there is a disconnect with an entire generation. Technology is a way churches can connect with America’s largest generation.


How Often Should We Celebrate the Lord’s Supper? — Peyton Hill

In many faith traditions, partaking of the body and blood of Jesus is a weekly occurrence. In my denomination, however, there seems to be a hesitancy toward the weekly celebration of the Lord’s Supper. Peyton discusses this and makes a strong case for a more regular partaking of the Lord’s Supper.


25 Quick Ideas for Your Church’s Social Media — Darrel Girardier

If you think your church can’t be active on social media, you just haven’t read anything Darrel has written in the last 18 months. These 25 ideas prove that it really can be a simple task if you plan correctly.


Facts about the 4th — Gannett


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