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Sochi’s costly legacy: A year after Olympics, Russian oligarchs unload toxic assets on state as taxpayers pick up the bill – Associated Press

Russia had vowed to pay for what became the most expensive Olympics of all time by getting super-rich private investors to take the cost from the state. Instead, as the first anniversary of those games approaches, at least two of those oligarchs are quietly dumping their increasingly toxic assets on the state — forcing Russian taxpayers to pick up the bill.

What Exactly is Duck Sauce? – Smithsonian

I love duck sauce with my Chinese food. But I had no idea this was a regional thing. Have any of you ever had a different version of duck sauce like what is mentioned here?

Love Coffee? Learn How To Make Most Popular Coffee Drinks From Across The Globe In Three Minutes – Tech Times

For our weekly coffee segment…

10 reasons why Google should buy the remains of Radio Shack – Seth Weintraub

This is a very compelling case, and one Google (or any number of top-level tech companies) could consider to establish a retail presence.

Tweet of the Week – Aaron Earls

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