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If it’s wacky, you’ll see it here.

Passenger ‘drowned puppy because dogs weren’t allowed on plane’ – Metro UK

The headline and the mugshot (above) pretty much sums it up. This is awful and obscene in all the worst ways. I’m not a huge animal rights activist, but this is just unfathomable.

Katy Perry didn’t know who J.J. Watt was before their ESPN cover shoot – Sports Illustrated

My coworker, Barnabas Piper, had a tweet featured in a Sports Illustrated story this week. That would be at the top of my resume if it happened to me.

The Post East, a Review – Coffee Shoppers

Marty Duren, Chris Martin, and I tried this coffee shop yesterday solely because of this review (and the pic of the coffee bar) by our friends Elizabeth and Laura. I was really impressed. It’s a little off the beaten path over in East Nashville, but well worth finding.

KFC releases Double Down Dog sandwich – USA Today

No. Just No.

Converting Your Facebook Profile To A Page – Make Use Of

Oddly enough, two friends have recently maxed out their Facebook cap of 5,000 friends in recent days. So they have switched over to Facebook pages. Here is an article that walks you through the process necessary to make the switch in the event you also run into this issue.

What’s the wildest or most interesting thing you’ve seen online this week?

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