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If it’s wacky, you’ll see it here.

Dispatches from General Andrew Luck – SB Nation

SB Nation produced this hilarious meme (and letter) with Andrew Luck as a Civil War general.

Chinese Basketball Dunk Fail – One World Sports

At no point in this dunk did I ever think he would make it. Credit to the announcers for not rolling with laughter. But Marbury did.

An Open Letter to the Person Using a Selfie Stick at a Coffee Shop – Coffee Shoppers

Selfie sticks are so wrong. So when I saw Josh Howerton post this pic from a local coffee shop, I sent it to the two most capable people I know to address it—the Coffee Shoppers.

We Ate and Ranked Every Hot Pocket – Thrillist

So many Jim Gaffigan jokes here. And the winning Hot Pocket actually sounds tasty.

This Misguided Hipster Is Trying to Crowdfund Money for 13 Dates – Metro UK

Strange story, yes. But the author of the article added her own commentary to the story. That makes this all the more special.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen online this week?

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