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I’ve had an on-and-off relationship with podcasts over the years. In the early to mid 2000s, podcasts were the hot new thing, and I found myself consuming them voraciously.

But I had a small problem with podcasts in 2003-2006: they weren’t portable. I had to be at my desk or on my laptop to listen. MP3 players were rare and the iPod had just come out, but the file sizes of podcasts limited their portability.

That changed with a host of Apple products that single-handedly saved podcasting. A larger capacity iPhone 4/4s/5/5s, iCloud sync, iTunes match, and the Podcast app from Apple all made podcasts more accessible. But hardware and software were only half of the equation. What about content?

There was a time, podcasts (at least in my world) were synonymous with sermon audio. Those times have changed. Now there are podcasts on any subject you can think of. Some are informative and entertaining, some are not. Whatever you are interested in, there is a podcast for your topic or hobby. The key is to find a podcast and find a time to consume it.

Unlike reading blogs or websites, podcasts can be consumed (listened to) while you are doing menial tasks. Most of us waste at least a couple hours a week either doing laundry, dishes, yardwork, housework, or walking the dog that can be redeemed by listening to podcasts. And there’s always your commute. Depending on how far you live from where you work, you have anywhere from 5-10 hours a week you are in your car.

The key is to find a podcast that is enjoyable and match it with a good time to listen to it.

Personally, I have three podcasts I listen to every week and sometimes add in a couple more depending on the topic or my travel schedule.

  • On Mondays I download the Dale Jr Download while at Parker’s soccer practice. I kick the ball around with Ethan and listen to Mike Davis, rainer-on-leadership-logo aylor Zarzour, and Jr. Nation explain why Dale Jr. didn’t win again this week. Somehow Jr. Nation always blames it on Jimmie Johnson or Kyle Busch.
  • Typically on Fridays I catch up with Marty and McGee and their Motorsports and Music podcast. I listen to this one while sitting at Ethan’s soccer practice.
  • At some point during the week, I edit and (by default) listen to Rainer on Leadership. These are very familiar to me as I host the program with Thom Rainer.
  • I also subscribe to the Social Pros podcast with Jay Baer and This Is Your Life by Michael Hyatt but don’t listen to every episode depending on the topic.

So I have my podcasts and my times for the podcasts. What about you? What podcasts or times do you suggest?

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