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Last week, I had the privilege of tagging along with my boss, Dr. Thom Rainer, as he traveled to Dallas, TX, to speak in chapel at Criswell College.

As you know, I’m a student at Criswell. The strange thing is that since I’m an online student, I’d never set foot on campus. That changed last week.


We were hosted by my good friend Brandon Smith and the president of the college (for now—more on that at the bottom of the post), Dr. Jerry Johnson.  Dr. Rainer spoke in chapel and that was followed by a lunch meeting with the faculty to discuss Millennials.



After the faculty luncheon, we had a chance to tour Dr. Criswell’s study that was replicated in the Criswell Library. It was full of fascinating artifacts and books. Among my favorite items was a signed script by Cecil B. DeMille for his movie The Ten Commandments. Apparently it is one of only 25 in existence. It’s quite a piece and is something I’d expect to be in the Smithsonian or on Antiques Roadshow.

Dr. Johnson was a gracious host, and I’m grateful for his service to Criswell. However, he is leaving the school to provide leadership of the National Religious Broadcasters Association as its president. Please be in prayer for Criswell as they seek their next president.

The flight home was uneventful but we did fly over some cool clouds.


And this is my dessert from Monday night—pecan bread pudding. It was pretty awesome so I took a pic.




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