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Monday afternoon, I was watching beach volleyball on NBC and the US was losing to Poland. I though it was ironic that we would be losing to a country with less than 500 miles of coastland (the US has nearly 20,000) in something with the word “beach” in the title. So I sent out a tweet.

What I didn’t know is that the Polish people are sensitive about their beaches. My sarcastic tweet was put on a website in Poland and for the past few days I’ve been inundated by Poles defending their Baltic beachfront property.

So to the people of Poland – I’m sorry for questioning your skills in beach volleyball…and I love your sausage. Not so much your music, though.

Now, to the video below. (via 22words)

The Warsaw Uprising began on August 1, 1944. For the next 63 days, Poland’s army fought the Nazis, trying to liberate their capital. The rebellion was timed to coincide with the Soviet Union’s advance that should have left the Germans vulnerable, but…

…various military and political miscalculations, as well as global politics — played among Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt — turned the dice against [Warsaw]. [source]

The effort lasted nine weeks and failed, leaving 200,000 Polish dead, mainly civilians. Every year, Warsaw commemorates this horrific tragedy with a minute of stillness. It is tremendously moving, needless to say…

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