Looking for Baby Ideas

Looking for Baby Ideas

With the pending arrival of Howe child #3 this Fall, I’m making a list of ways I can document events leading up to the birth and afterwards as well.

Both Ethan and Parker were born before Facebook and Twitter became web standards so I’m looking forward to some creative ways to have fun with #3

That’s where I need your help. Not many friends of ours are having babies right now, so I’m not really up to speed on the latest ideas and possibilities which exist.

Live tweeting the C-section is out because that won’t end well for anyone. Let’s not even consider Ustream. I’d like to live.

So what else is out there? What have you seen friends doing online to document the birth of their children?

And possibly the most important question I can ask is: how far is too far?


  1. Amy T. says

    Sounds like your next million dollar idea to me… create your own site that allows expectant parents to creatively express the birth of their child. Everything from announcing the pregnancy, to the gender reveal, month-by-month pictures, to the hour by hour L&D process and pictures of the new baby. Almost like a caring bridge site, but for babies. Links to gift registries, e-vites for showers, blog options, links back to FB & Twitter.

    Also, allow a way for similar ideas to be corralled for public viewing. For example, if a blog post contains a creative way you chose to announce the pregnancy, allow the blogger to somehow “tag” that post so that it goes into a public forum and is searchable by other users.Go.

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