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Last night, Beth and I had a chance to visit a church here in Nashville which was hosting a “Night of Worship.” More on the church later on (hopefully).  Anyway, the evening was an incredible time of music, Scripture reading, and baptism.

The one moment that stood out above the rest was the time of baptism. Typically, churches do baptisms as a solemn event, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Last night, they right smack in the middle of the worship set while the music was still going on. It turned out to be an incredibly celebratory time. Folks were coming up out of the water dripping wet and giving full body hugs to family and friends. They were excited to be sharing their new-found life in Christ with their family and their church family.

Underneath it all was the band was absolutely rocking out, and one song really caught my attention. It was a song that I had never heard, but it fit the moment so well. I took a couple of pics with my phone of the lyrics on the screens and looked it up later. Turns out the name of the song is Forgiven Forever, and it was co-written by Carl Cartee, one of the artists in residence at the church. It’s the title track of his latest EP as well.

A video of the song and lyrics is below. I encourage you to give it a shot. It’s a good one.

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