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Last April, Alabama suffered a severe tornado outbreak. And I was 500 miles away on a business trip in Orlando leaving my wife and two young sons on their own for the weather event. It was a new sense of helplessness.

Thankfully everything was ok for Beth and the boys, though some were not so lucky. Beth and I have some great friends, and they did a great job looking out for her and the boys. When I got back in town and we had no power still, some of them even insisted we stay with them until all was back to normal.

Then it happened again.

This morning.

This time I was in Nashville getting ready for work when my twitter feed blew up. It’s an eerie feeling not being able to reach your wife via phone or text when you know she could be in danger. Eventually, we got connected. Again, we dodged the storm. Guess it says something for our side of town (at the risk of sounding crass, I can’t help but mention that our house is for sale on the east side of Birmingham). We did have some tornadoes in our area back in April, but this morning they affected the area where many of our friends live on the north side of Trussville.

Below are our friends Ken and Kim Horton in front of what remains of their house  Beth went over and saw them this morning. They were trapped in the basement, but thankfully made it out alive. They lived in a neighborhood in Trussville right off Deerfoot Parkway, just one exit up from our church, CrossPoint. The pics are heart-wrenching.

For those wishing to help with disaster relief, CrossPoint Church (8000 Liles Lane, Trussville, AL) is accepting bottled water, new socks, and new underwear at the church office. Please, no used clothes at this time. If you’d like to coordinate with disaster relief teams, please contact Brian Harris or Steve Parr at the church office – 205-655-0364.

Some other random pics from the area that I’ve seen posted by friends. Heartbreaking all of them.

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