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Last October a collective of musicians based in Denver, turned the evangelical twitterverse on its head with a over-the-top performance/worship set at Catalyst 2010.

Like many up to that point, I had never heard of Gungor. But when my twitter feed literally filled up with tweets related to their performance, I knew I needed to check them out. I listened to one song, and I was hooked.

Their acoustic, folksy sound really appeals to me and their debut album Beautiful Things is one of the most unique and inspiring collections of music I have heard in sometime.

So earlier this summer, when I heard there was a new album—Ghosts Upon the Earth—coming, I set a reminder for September 20.

Ironically, I just happened to have a 3-hour drive to Nashville today. Needless to say, I has some pretty sweet driving music on my way to the Music City. In summary, the new album is unique, inventive, and majestic. I highly recommend it. You can get Ghosts Upon the Earth at Amazon here.

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