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Reason #15 – To Make Us Holy, Blameless, and Perfect

One of the greatest sources of joy and endurance for the Christian is knowing that in the imperfection of our progress we have already been perfected—and that this is owing to the suffering and death of Christ.

The suffering of Christ secures our perfection so firmly that it is already now a reality. Therefore, we fight against our sin not simply to become perfect, but because we are. The death of Jesus is the key to battling our imperfections on the firm foundation of our perfection.

As sinners, nothing we can do can make us any better in God’s eyes. However, because of Christ’s redemptive work on the cross, we are made perfect and nothing we can do can make us and worse.

But Piper reminds us here that we are to continue to fight sin. Our goal is not Heaven. It is our reward. Our goal is Christ-likeness. We are made like Christ in a redemptive sense at our conversion–spiritually holy, blameless, and perfect. We then have the charge to become more like the one who saved us here on the earth. We are then to strive to become physically holy, blameless, and perfect. Will it ever completely happen? No. But our lives should increasingly reflect the character and qualities of Him who saved us.

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