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When I decided to launch this blog, I knew I would need something to keep me committed to it over time. Since I read A LOT for for my job (and for personal learning), I figured I could commit to reading a chapter of a book a day and writing a short review/application piece from it.

With an undertaking like this, I figured it would be a good idea to start with a book with which I was somewhat familiar. Then Dave Snyder gave me a copy of 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die by John Piper. I’ve read the book before via PDF from Desiring God, but didn’t have a hard copy.

There are a few reasons I decided to start with 50 Reasons.

  • It’s theologically robust and accurate. Every paragraph oozes with the cross of Christ.
  • Piper doesn’t waste a word. I didn’t want to waste my reading on fluff.
  • It will be a nice smooth transition into writing daily. The chapters are only 2 pages, so it will be an easy intro to blogging.
  • There are 50 entries. I will be able to grow in discipline by the end of the book.

The final and major reason I chose this book is that Christmas is-a-coming. What better way to prepare my, and your, heart than to focus on THE reason that Jesus was born–to die a substitutionary death on a cross and reconcile us to God through the resurrection? As a bonus, if my math is correct, I will end the book on December 25.

So, I invite you to pick up a copy and join me. The amazon link is here. It is easy to catch up as you could easily sit and read 10-15 chapters in one sitting.

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