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Reason #9 – For the Forgiveness of Our Sins

Forgiveness is not “getting” even. It is giving away the right to get even.

Oh, how precious is the news that God does not hold our sins against us! And how beautiful is Christ, whose bklood made it right for God to do this.

What struck me about this entry is that it is ninth. The book doesn’t state that these are in a particular order, but knowing what little I do know about Piper, there is definitely a method to his writing. He doesn’t waste words or throw them out there randomly.

That’s what’s so interesting. This reason came ninth. For many, this would be reason number one. Our sins. My sins. God sent Jesus for me. For the world. None of that is untrue.

But by placing this as #9 and “To Absorb the Wrath of God” as #1, I think Piper is clearly implying that the Cross and the events in the life of Jesus were more about God and less about us.

What a glorious thought and one that is totally opposite to much of our thinking. While it eventually was about you and me, it ultimately was all about God.

We should live our lives in a way to make that known — In everything we do, it’s always more about God than it is about us. Always.

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