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Reason #6 – To Show His Own Love for Us

[The sufferings and death of Christ] are about Christ’s love for me personally. It is my sin that cuts me off from God, not sin in general…All I can do is plead for mercy.

I don’t deserve a savior. Nothing I can ever do on my own will make that change.

But He came anyway.

For whosoever will believe, He came.

The sin that cut us off from God didn’t just exist for us to bump into. We actively sinned. It wasn’t happenstance. Yes we were born into a sin nature, but our sinful actions aren’t the result of that nature, they are the root of that nature.

But our sins have been covered. By His love. For us.

Galatians 2:20 speaks it clearly: He loved me and gave Himself for me.

Sin is a very personal act. So is love. I can’t make you sin. I can’t make you love. It is a choice.

And with His love, Christ chose us.

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