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Reason #11 – To Complete the Obedience that Becomes our Righteousness

Our sin was imputed to Him, and thus He became our pardon…Christ’s righteousness was imputed to us, and thus He became our perfection.

Imputation. Another $2 theological word. But it’s worth so much more.

It means to assign value or assign the deed. Our sin was assigned to Christ and he expunged it through His death on the cross.

But even more, like was discussed yesterday, his righteousness was assigned to us and we were made sinless.

But it was Christ’s obedience that made this possible. He HAD to obey the Father and the Law and live that sinless life for any imputation to be made.

If not, both Christ and us would be imputing sin and judgement on one another. But because of His obedience, we can now obtain something unattainable–righteousness, and he became the suffering servant written about in Isaiah 53:5:

He was wounded for our transgressions; He was crushed for our iniquities.

For more on Isaiah 53, check out Ryan Whitley’s series he’s doing this week over at

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