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Why HoweOriginal?

When your church or ministry wants to expand its reach and impact new audiences, what you need is HoweOriginal. Whether it is something as small as a printed mail piece or something as complicated as rebranding or website development, HoweOriginal is here to provide cost-effective solutions for faith-based organizations.

Some might wonder why we choose to specialize in church/ministry marketing and consulting. It’s rather simple, actually. For the past few decades, secular industries have hired high-paid executives to incorporate detailed marketing plans and branding efforts to promote their products with great success while churches and ministries have relied on volunteers and non-professionals to do the same. While there is a great importance to using volunteers and laymen, the unfortunate downside is that many times the finished product is not what was ultimately wanted and often times falls short of making any significant impact.

That’s where HoweOriginal fits in. We provide effective marketing resources and consulting at a cost that will fit any church or ministry budget. You can now have professionally designed, customizable resources to reach your audience and make an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God.

Contact us today to schedule your marketing consultation.

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